..... summer is quietly sizzling here on Hell's half acre, rubberneckers..... and the gentleness of the steady breeze only serves push the heat around.... there is no cooling, no relief..... only the sensation of being brushed by a molten silk sheet as the wind passes you by... The Movement of Air......

... freshly mown grass, the blossoms of the tiger lilies, a tangling vine of blooming honeysuckle, and the smell of The Heat..... that's what you smell when you walk through my garage and out onto the drive way.... heavy, heady, and sweet....

... good god, I need a cold drink.....

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Bullshit So Far

Just saw that you had commented to a post a couple weeks back and asked about the silver coins.
I am still trying to add to my holdings. Mostly the graded stuff doesn't come my way often. I generally am offered the junk silver and I only buy if it is priced right. Right now about 9 X face value although I will
go to 10 X if I have too.
I haven't gone so far as to have any coins graded but am friends with a coin
collector and dealer here in Athens. He's not certified to grade and isn't a member that can send coins off.=A0 He uses someone in Atlanta to =
do that if necessary. As I understand you can get a membership to some of
the numismatic clubs or other and be able to send off and receive slabbed
coins w/grade back for 25 or 30 $. But my info is not up to date. I'm sure a quick online search would turn up some info. I have a couple copies of coin newsletters which may have more info. I'll try to make time
to thumb through them and if I find anything out I'll seen you an email.
If you're ever down this way would love to buy you a beer or coffee sometime.

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In the middle of winter I always kinda wished I lived farther south... then we get to summer. LOL. Although we are very humid today - I'm pretty sure we're not quite as hot as you all down that way.

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