.... for T1G.... who just happens to be in a Coleridge kinda mood lately...... behold...

..... the story goes that he was busily penning the above poem whilst completely bombed on opium when a certain "person from Porlock" came along and snapped him out of his concentration/vision/dream/hallucination and the rest of the poem was lost..... thus the secondary title of "A Vision in a Dream: A Fragment"......

... still, though..... pretty rich imagery for a stoner..... and hey, lately?... it seems that a person from Porlock is camping out by the woodpile behind my house..... and they've worn a grove in the path from the patio to my back door to ask about basketball scores...... after all, if IS March......

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"If this be madness there is method in it!"

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In Englewood a Straight White Guy
Took up a Shovel in his arm.
A Tool of iron cold and hard,
He carried it to his back yard,
And threatened deadly harm!

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