.... folks, I made a quiche today..... and while I am only a little bit ashamed that I made one, I am telling you guys anyway..... and you know what?..... it was quite damned tasty...... even if I DO say so myself...... and, it was very, very easy....... and no, I am not posting the recipe.... for if I DID, then all of you out there would be making wonderfully tasty (and easy) quiches, and then where would I be?.......

.... exactly......

.... but, I suppose that I can divulge the flavours of the quiche, yes?....... or does "Flavours of The Quiche" sound a bit too "Naughty European"... hmm... perhaps a different phrasing would work much better....

...... here, let us try........ For She Was an onion, bacon, and Swiss cheese quiche!...... and quite, quite tasty - but a little boring for her lack of garlic - but still, there She Was...... baked perfectly with no discernable "pie crust", she still managed to form herself into manageable slices when the occasion arose....... just as all good quiches do, I am told.......

..... and lest you all begin to think that I am suddenly gone soft and squidgy around the edges from baking a quiche, it will hearten you to know that I plan to begin Spring Cleaning tomorrow by cracking open the armory and giving all of the long-arms a nice clean after having endured such a snowy winter in the garage........

.... Man, ladies and gentlemen..... The Duality of Man is a thing pondered, pondered, and pondered......... but hey, why fight it?....... let us be ALL things when we are given the opportunity.......

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Far be it from me to label a mountain climbing, rough and ready leatherneck a mama's boy. Rather.......I think, a Renaissance Man.
Besides nothing like a little yard eggy goodness when the snow is all around on the ground.

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Most foods are better with garlic, IMHO.
But, a quiche is just an omelette in a crust. Why is that sissy-ish in so many opinions??

Smart people know that real men do whatever they want... and, do it well.

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Bullshitted by Braden on February 13, 2010 07:53 AM

"...let us be ALL things when we are given the opportunity..."

This post is pure, 100% unvarnished Eric. And kdzu has been cribbing my sidebar quotations!

Quiche! It's not just for metrosexuals!

Bullshitted by Elisson on February 13, 2010 02:15 PM

Ellison, as unbelievable as it sounds, I had never read Eric's sidebar comment from you. And I do love my eggs, but mainly with the whites done and the yellow runny, sopped up with fresh butter milk biscuits along with beacon and fig preserves (damn I hate being on a diet). When mixed up I prefer them to contain copious amounts of ham, cheese (both cheddar and cream), onions, mushrooms and s dash of garlic, said dash to suit your preference, of which mine is to pour it on. Serve with either Salsa or Texas Pete's Tabasco sauce.

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Real men don't eat Quiche????.....Nonsense.
Real men eat what is necessary to provide the caloric intake to engage in manly pursuits. Whether it be raw buffalo liver dipped in bile or Quiche makes no difference. Should it be tasty, though require a little garlic to help it along......so what? The raw liver could probably use a little garlic too.

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i have recently discovered the wonder of the quiche myself. cheap, easy, very tasty and you can eat it for days! never again will i scoff at the egg pie...

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i loves me a good quiche!

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