..... I read this a few days ago and, well, I just couldn't help myself..... clicken to embiggen, of course......


.... my humble living room is home to two massive book shelves junk repositories that are chockablock with stuff.... so hey, Erica!.... I hope that this suitably tweaks your OCD!.... just like pets & small children, you have to FEED a good mental disorder to keep it happy!.... and I really hope that this helps!.....

... oh, and the magazines down near the bottom-right are mainly old Military History, Civil War, and Jane's Defence Weekly....

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Bullshit So Far

In the past few days I have been both the recipient and target of a number of bookshelf "offerings." It's wonderful, thank you. I'd have a field day with shelves such as those.

And now I feel I must share with you the Michael Korda quote that I keep taped to my monitor at work: "The biggeset fool in the world is he who merely does his work supremely well, without attending to appearance."

It has long fueled my mental disorder in positive ways.

Bullshitted by Erica on December 17, 2008 05:05 PM

We have 3 bookshelves - I think a bit taller than those in our basement. We have built in bookshelves in our bedroom in an alcove on each well and the second bedroom upstairs has an entire wall of bookshelves. Last of all (back down in the basement) I have a bookshelf in my office.

There are 2 bags of books waiting for me to find time to take them to a local donation place because my husband tells me that having all these shelves full of books can not be a good thing...

I'll have to take pictures I think - you can tell me.


Bullshitted by Teresa on December 17, 2008 07:03 PM

Geeze... I really can't type tonight.

I meant our bookshelves were likely a bit taller than yours.

And the bookshelves in our bedroom are built into the wall...

I know there are more mistakes, but I give up.

Bullshitted by Teresa on December 17, 2008 07:05 PM

Digging the pouch of Levi Garrett. In case of emergency, break glass, kind of thing?

Bullshitted by Andy on December 18, 2008 12:04 AM

I knew if I looked hard enough, I'd find a penguin.

Bullshitted by Jim - PRS on December 18, 2008 04:43 AM

Did you know that if you looked hard enough, you'd also find "The Joys of Yiddish" by Leo Rosten?

Bullshitted by Erica on December 18, 2008 07:59 AM

I'll see your 2 bookcases and raise you 4 more! (and that's just in the house; there are totes full of books in the 'man-room').

Bullshitted by Michele on December 18, 2008 11:45 AM


Bullshitted by Alaska Kim on December 18, 2008 12:16 PM

Its a "Jarhead thing", and no it's not about well endowed young ladies.

Bullshitted by James Old Guy on December 18, 2008 12:43 PM

Screw the books! You got Star Trek Fact Files and hot rod models!!!

Bullshitted by JihadGene on December 18, 2008 01:11 PM

Erica would blow a gasket if she realized how many bookshelves and bookcases we have here at Chez Elisson, all chockablock with books and other assorted crap.

Aside from the credenza/bookcase in my office, we have three big bookcases upsatirs...plus two smaller ones in the computer room...plus a few in the other bedrooms. Plus three big ones and a fistful of small ones in the basement.

Plus a big built-in in the den. Oy.

We need more, for we have more books than will fit on the shelves we have. And right now, those books are all piled on our dining room table and in our three upstairs bathrooms (filling all three tubs, too) while our new carpet is installed.

Erica, be glad you are not here...you would start bleeding from the ears.

Bullshitted by Elisson on December 18, 2008 03:04 PM

Hah! Star Trek on top of 'em all!

Bullshitted by Cappy on December 18, 2008 10:24 PM

After the holidays I'll have to take a picture of MY built-ins. Holy cow are they a wreck. But we likes it that way.

Bullshitted by caltechgirl on December 19, 2008 11:51 AM

If you really wanted to scare him Erica threaten to send the Zombie Librarian to arrange his books and his BRAIIINS! Some interesting shelves there Eric. I used to see Chesty's medals daily. They were in a shadow box display on the mess decks of my second ship.USS Lewis B. Puller FFG-23.

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