.... the Thought Of The Day today comes from Oom Keesie...... go forth and read......

by Eric on October 29, 2008 | Bullshit (4) | TrackBack (0) | Thinking
Bullshit So Far

Good stuff there!

Bullshitted by JihadGene on October 29, 2008 12:39 PM

Hey dude you will get 55 years old as well, so talk is King.
But as a small wager I will bet 3000 buckets of shit against anybody/everybody for whatever against what they want.
Wanna try, please not.

Bullshitted by keeskennis on October 29, 2008 01:14 PM

That's a great link. thanx for sharing.

He seems to have a true handle on what makes a "real" man.

Bullshitted by DammitWoman on October 29, 2008 08:20 PM

Aw, come on.
That hack of an African was using someone else's words.
He cannot have written that himself, Elisson or SWG or Vman must have helped.
How much were you paid?
Trust you to help a Moffie!


Just Damn!

Bullshitted by Dax Montana on October 30, 2008 09:49 AM