…. as random chance would have it, I woke this morning and picked up my dog-eared copy of Andrew Boyd’s Daily Afflictions for a quick mental jog with my coffee….. let me tell you, friends, old Brother Void is a wise & learned fellow….. I highly recommend the book….. anyway, I later found myself wandering over to Elisson’s crib and found a lovely poem by A. E. Housman…

… however, I was quite shocked by the disparity of viewpoints shared by the two authors… Housman – in Elisson’s interpretation – seems to believe that poetry has greater virtues in the longer-run of things than does getting three-sheets-to-the-wind in your cups….

…. As for me, I will completely withhold judgment on the matter as 1.) I am too uneducated to be relied upon for sound debunking of anything even remotely literary, and 2.) I have a huge propensity to dive headfirst INTO poetry once I’m getting’ my slash on…. especially bad poetry…. personally, I blame the Marine Corps and my Great Uncle Rob....

… but be that as it may, I figured that you rubberneckers might enjoy a tidbit of Brother Void’s wisdom today regarding drinking, life, love, children, and drinking……especially since the blogmeet in Helen is just around the corner…. behold…..

”Nothing has a stronger influence…. on…. children, than the unlived life of the parent.” – Carl Jung

Some of us have children too early in life. Invariably, we lay our thwarted dreams and toxic disappointments upon their heads, hoping they will live the life we neglected to live. The rest of us figure, why not have our life first and then have the kids? We soon find, however, that this is not so easy. As the world grows more complex and the possibilities for experiencing things multiply, it becomes ever more difficult to work in enough living before the close of our baby-making years. Eventually, you realize that the only way to beat the clock is to live your life as furiously as possible – which means starting earlier, moving faster, and holding out longer. You’ve got to crank through travel fantasies, fringe lifestyles, multiple careers, extreme sports, and designer drugs and gorge yourself on liquor and sex as fast and as hard as you can. How else can you expect to get over yourself enough to really be there for your kids when it counts? So the next time you find yourself power partying, remember to ratchet it up another notch because only when you live your unlived life will your children be free to live theirs.

I binge for my kids

.... hey, it certainly makes sense to me.... but then, I don't have children......

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I'm not much of a poet nor into showers. I'd rather be drinking or smoking a good cigar or dipping or rolling in the sheets. I am going to try his poached salmon recipe. I think I'd like it a little more rare.

Bullshitted by Mickysolo on August 12, 2007 02:57 PM

Heheh- 'I binge for my kids'
I got a kick outta that one.

I think I have been there, done it makes perfect sense to me!

Bullshitted by Rave on August 13, 2007 09:45 AM

Makes sense to policy has always been to crank it up a notch, when in doubt and all that.

My kids will thank me later.

Bullshitted by Mia on August 13, 2007 12:04 PM

Great... Just what I needed, another rationalization. I dig it. I knew there was reason, just didn't know what it was, now I do. Thanks Eric.

Bullshitted by RedNeck on August 13, 2007 05:50 PM

That's why I'll be drinking six months worth of alcohol in Helen.

Bullshitted by Richard on August 17, 2007 05:37 AM