… you know, there is something deeply, deeply satisfying about going to the YMCA in a pub-advertising tee shirt to Punish Your Machine and then lighting up an unfiltered Camel afterwards in complete hedonistic celebration of your having survived another session at the hands of their torture devices…… or maybe that’s just me…….

… and I saw all types of patrons today, as well…. hey, at 3pm on a Monday, you get the full menu – appetizers, entrées, salad bar, and dessert ….. crusty, wizened & bent octogenarians dimly pushing against the weights of upright machines….. young, spry, perky little college students pedaling like mad men and women on stationary bikes…. middle-aged business men swatting racquetballs in a flurry of sweat through gritted teeth and bulging veins…. blue-collar workers sweating on treadmills right beside of the local gentry…. and little ole me hiding in the corner doing sit-ups….

…. I couldn’t help but be amazed at the sheer, overwhelming variety of humanity that was laid out before me in my small town’s YMCA…. Fat people, old people, fit people, pretty people, ugly people, rich people, poor people, healthy people, sick people, recovering people, angry people, driven people, egotists…..

…. I did my sit-ups, lifted the weights, and hit the treadmill for a while….. and just as I was catching my breath on one of the weight machines, this old guy walked past….. Izod shirt wet with sweat….. his back hunched from the onslaught of years of work & worry as a Father, Husband, and possibly banker…. white knee-socks pulled taught up to mid-shin…. tanned, veiny-legs poking out from his white tennis-shorts……

… I watched him leave the exercise room…. He moved steadily and slowly – head held high…. He touched the doorknob, gave it a twist, and was gone……

…. I checked everyone else out in the room after he’d passed…. and I found that each soul was lost in their own worlds as they worked … well, with the exception of a few young studs who were trying to catch eyes of a girl or two on the step machines….. hell, I doubt that any of them even noticed that old guy sweating in his Izod shirt….

… I laughed a bit and moved over to start my sit-ups again…

… people just don’t get it, you know?..... everyone looks for all the wrong things……

by Eric on June 18, 2007 | Bullshit (6) | TrackBack (0) | Thinking
Bullshit So Far

Yeah, you know, you're right man. I keep lookin' for my lost keys, piddly shit like the remote my kids keep hiding from me while I'm at work and they're... summer loafin'.

I should maybe, go to the mall, or the airport, or, they just put a new Golds gym in down the road. It's bigger than my home town's rec center, so that'd probably be a good place to see sweaty people in action. I just don't want to get my ass kicked by some roid eatin' pretty boy, or normally nice ol' lady that's having a bad day and needed an easy target to "vent on".

I don't have a carried conceal deal personally, and they don't let dogs in there. I checked. Plus, they got a lot of glass in that place. I'm bettin' one could sit in the parkin' lot at night, and see 'em all runnin', steppin', liftin', doing them classes I can pronounce in there.

There's another way to see sweaty people, but, even though I've tried 3 times to work it into this comment, I can't, even, in a good natured 'Neck way, figure out how to word "see freaks of all kinds sweatin'". It just never seems to get worded right.

Izod or not.

Bullshitted by RedNeck on June 18, 2007 07:39 PM

See what there is to respect and admire instead of just something to leer and drool at?

...not saying I haven't done my share of drooling, though.

Bullshitted by Jean on June 18, 2007 07:40 PM

.... you miss the point entirely, Redneck....... it isnt about sweating bodies... it is about people.....

... and Jean, yes..... you are half-way right...... youth and vigor only stay a little while... but beauty lasts forever ..... no matter how old or frail your body becomes.....

Bullshitted by Eric on June 18, 2007 08:32 PM

That first paragraph is called, "Burning the candle at both ends." Heh!

Bullshitted by Bou on June 18, 2007 09:01 PM

For me, there is a true hell on earth. It is called "The Mall". Once or twice a year I get trapped into going there with Roomie. I find a strategic spot on a bench and sit and watch people. Depending on what she's shopping for, I may get in a full couple of hours of people watching, note taking, blog seed prepping. I quickly conclude that folks are just plain weird. Some very interesting sights indeed...

Bullshitted by Winston on June 19, 2007 06:46 AM

I get that a lot Eric.

Bullshitted by RedNeck on June 19, 2007 04:23 PM