On rain, days gone by, and the cruelty of wives…

*** Cross-posted from Cadillac Tight, because it's Sunday, it's late, and I'm low-speed, high-drag these days ***

Yeah, we got rained on quite a bit yesterday in Helen. So much so that our day trip consisted pretty much of eating schnitzel at Hofer's, wandering around the candy stores, visiting Dirk's place (by the way, Dirk, sorry we missed you, but glad you got a day off) to pick up a couple bottles of wine, and heading back home.

Rainy conditions precluded any decent picture taking, unfortunately.

Right across the street from Dirk's amazing store used to be a little place that sold good priced German beer and a couple different kinds of Wurst with 'kraut. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the place (I think it was the Wurst Haus), but of an evening, they would have both live music and recorded dance music, and this little bitty dance floor, and it was a pretty cool place to have a few brews and dance with one's bride.

It's gone, folks. I mean gone to the point that the building isn't even there anymore, there's just a blank concrete lot for sale. We've been stopping by that little place for going on ten years now, and suddenly, it's just...nonexistent. Spooky.

Speaking of bridal units and days gone by, on the way through Dahlonega to Helen, there was this great big sign near the Wal-Mart proclaiming RANGER OPEN HOUSE. That got my attention, I guarantee you. A few hundred feet down the road, another sign read VISIT CAMP FRANK D. MERRILL'S OPEN HOUSE. Dear rubberneckers, I sojourned at Camp Merrill for two weeks in the mid-80's, and I'd have loved nothing more than to meet the current Ranger Detachment commander, and tour the "barracks". Yeah, those are scare quotes. They might be barracks today, but back then, the term was generous. In any case, I yelped, bellowed, and all but climbed out the passenger side window, but alas, my bride was driving, and she meant to get to Helen before the weather became too much worse.

I was forced, therefore, to gaze forlornly at Mount Yonah as we drove down route 75 towards Helen, recalling to myself the many hours I spent on it's face, climbing and rappelling. Yeah, guys and gals...the schnitzel was good, but I'd have preferred a visit to Camp Merrill. And therein lies the cruelty of wives.

by Donnie on May 13, 2007 | Bullshit (4) | TrackBack (0)
Bullshit So Far

You are 15 miles from my town and not saying hi?

Bullshitted by RSM on May 13, 2007 09:26 PM

RSM: Had I known you were nearby, I'd have been the first to invite you to cry in a Paulaner Oktoberfest with me at Hofer's while the bride and young'uns shopped.

Next time. Which won't be long, actually. In the meantime, you're blogrolled :-)

Bullshitted by Donnie on May 13, 2007 09:39 PM

Gone! WTF? It's gone? How can that be?

Bullshitted by Denny on May 15, 2007 09:22 PM

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