Nary a Peep

from Eric in his booze laden trip to Scotland. Fair Scotland, home of Scott's Tissues. Place of the great distilleries of Cutty Sark, Chivas Regal, Sit Chivas, Cutty Shark, and Glenliver. He must indeed be lost while munching on the hedgerows, or bushes. Never giving a thought to those that maintain this august body of work. Or piece of work. For this, I expect a Haggis-on-a-Stick franchise at least.

The weather has finally turned nice here, exposing more attractive female flesh to the unaided, and horny eye. Not too much, though. Could bring back unpleasant memories of Eric's he-hooters a few postings ago. And not too many bugs out yet, either.

What is this Mu Nu anyway? Is this some kind of fraternity? Too late for me, being a long-standing member of I Felta Thigh.

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