… I once lived at the mouth of a beautiful river…. at #4 Ferry Street, Ferryden, Montrose, Scotland….

…. my front lawn consisted of about ten feet of grassy sod… and then another five to twenty feet of stony beach (depending on the tide’s phase)…. Indeed, when the tide came in, the northern side of my clothesline was unreachable except by boat (or hip waders) ….

… the river was the River South Esk… and it emptied into the North Sea via the Montrose Basin not 100 yards from where I was living in that 2nd floor walk-up apartment on Ferry Street….

… I remember it being very cold in the winter months… the wind seemed to always arrive angrily from the west or northwest and scream through the space where our latchkey went… and the wind often forced the mail-slot to fly open with a bang….

… the entire small apartment was sheathed in wood…. wooden floor, walls, and ceiling…. a pine of some sort, I believe… Norwegian or Swedish most likely… and there was a blue, porcelain-tiled fireplace where I learned to build coal-fires for the first time….

… the harbor was literally a stone’s throw away….. and it was always quite a treat to stand in the living room and watch the ships pass by the bay window….. day or night, they were just as beautiful….

…. there were dolphins in the straits sometimes, too…. and a few times I saw seals chasing the random homecoming salmon…. Oh, and always a hundred jellyfish gasping their last on the rocky beach….. the first time that I ever saw a jellyfish was there, actually…. and I poked a hole through it with a stick because I wanted to see what kind of resistance it’s clear body would show….. karma will probably catch up to me on that one, I guess….. but it was beached anyway, so I suspect I might be safe… still, I did kill it….. so there is that……

…. I lived there for just over a year and loved every second of it…. even climbing those twenty icy steps at night when I was returning from watch on base…

… it is funny, really, as I never imagined that I would have enjoyed living by the sea… but there I was…. just about as close as one could live to the sea and not actually be in it..

…. The Missus and I moved out just before Christmas and rented a larger house higher up on the hill overlooking the basin….. but we kept paying the monthly rent on that little house as well….. I figured that since my parents were arriving in March for our wedding, we might as well keep that place as a home for my Mother and Father to stay in…..

… as I was writing this post this evening, my Mother rang me up.. and after a short talk, I asked her what she remembered about her two weeks in that tiny apartment…..

… she said that she remembered my Father jamming old newspapers into the mail-slot on the front door to keep the wind out… and how in the morning she would come down the stairs to find him sitting on the countertop beside the oven with the door open and all the eyes on – contentedly smoking a cigar in the warm gas-glow… and how he marveled that first morning when the milkman showed up on the doorstep with two pints of fresh milk that I had ordered for them….. and how pretty the ships were when they passed by the bedroom window…. and how they both bumped their heads against the angled ceiling of the loft-bedroom each morning when they got out of bed….

… amazing, really, how everyone sees a place differently…. how memories are selective......

… I asked her if she remembered the fireplace or the wooden floors and she said that she didn’t…..

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Sounds like the perfect place to me. I could almost picture it myself.

Bullshitted by Dawn on January 5, 2007 10:59 PM

Still, it sounds beautiful. And quite a place for contentment. Funny how we all take away our *own* memories from a place or event, isn't it?

Bullshitted by Richmond on January 5, 2007 11:04 PM

... it was, Dawn.... and yes, Richmond, it is..

... sometimes where you are is different from where you are at..... and it show the longer that time passes.......

Bullshitted by Eric on January 6, 2007 12:41 AM

All roads lead to Angus Eric....

Bullshitted by Mark on January 6, 2007 07:22 AM

"...sometimes where you are is different from where you are at..."

Damn, I like that!... plus, the whole post is fabulous. Beautiful imagery.

Bullshitted by Jean on January 6, 2007 10:59 AM