.... today's Quote of the Day comes from the Winona Daily News.... and it is a headline, no less...

"Underwear burglary leads to brief chase, arrest"

... heh heh.... "brief chase".... Ok, I'm sorry... but that's just funny....

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Okay, what is really sad is that this occurred less than 30 miles from my home...And I heard about it from someone in TENNESSEE!!!!!!!

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... you be careful up there... is sounds like you've got quite an interesting population....

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That is funny!

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Off Topic but check out the latest news on bagpipers and the British army

The Times July 24, 2006

Army's bagpipers and drummers must play safe and use earplugs

Army bagpipers are to wear earplugs because of fears that the military might be sued by soldiers who claim that their hearing has been damaged by excessive noise. Pipers are also to be banned from practising for more than 24 minutes a day outside, and 15 minutes indoors.

The pipes are famous for terrifying the enemy, but new army guidelines, based on a study carried out by the Army Medical Directorate Environmental Health Team, say that pipers should wear earplugs to protect themselves from hearing loss. The guidelines also apply to drummers.

Piping experts and military veterans have criticised the rules as typical of the health and safety culture of today’s “cotton wool Army”. However, a spokeswoman for the Army in Scotland said the new rules showed that it was serious about protecting soldiers.

The Armed Forces lost their traditional exemption from health and safety legislation in 2000, although that does not apply when the forces are on active service.,,2-2282915,00.html

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