.... people, listen up..... if you don't own a copy of Brother Void's "Daily Afflictions" you are missing out... y'all know you can trust Uncle Eric... so be good to yourselves... toss yourself a treat.... buy a copy today... I mean, how can you go wrong with logic like this?.. checkit....

The Boot Camp of Life

"We delude ourselves that we want to imbue our children with honesty; instead what we want is to imbue them with our particular form of dishonesty"

Sidney Harris

Some of us are so damaged by our dysfunctional childhoods that we cannot unlearn everything our parents taught us. When this happens, you must make your dysfunction work for you. A good way to begin is to remember that your family is a boot camp designed just for you. In the heat of battle every brutality and indignity that soldiers have suffered in boot camp becomes an immediate reflex that helps them fight, kill, and survive. This is how you should feel about your family. As you move out into the adult jungle, you're prepared for battle. Not only are you ready on a hair-trigger to detonate a flexible array of adult issues, but you've been rigorously trained to handle the operational system of adult institutions, including passive-aggression in the school system, guilt bartering in organized religion, and domination-submission patterns between corporations and government.

As you look back on your unhappy childhood, you realize that your dysfunctional family has prepared you to survive in a dysfunctional world.

Thanks to my dysfunctional childhood, I am ready to kick some adult ass.

Brother Void

... I'm telling you right now, children... you guys are much, much poorer for not having a copy of "Daily Afflictions".... not that my childhood was dysfunctional, of course... but we're all a bit wobbly in our own ways....

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Oh so we can 'trush uncle eric'???? Not on your life!! *L*

Bullshitted by Michele on July 17, 2006 06:24 PM

Must have been hittin the sauce a little too hard,,,that should be 'trust uncle eric'!!

Bullshitted by Michele on July 17, 2006 06:25 PM

Holy crap! I must be truly ready for WAR then... Good to know...

Bullshitted by Richmond on July 17, 2006 07:31 PM

"Uncle Eric" just sounds so.....so....pervy.

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I SO need one of those books.

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