... halfway across the Atlantic a few weeks ago, the upcoming visit to Scotland was weighing on my mind... weeks spent away from my Eagle Glen compound didn't sit too well... and I was more than a wee bit nervous... I mean, c'mon.... who's going to pet my guns when I'm not here?....

.... and on top of all that, I had been trying to remember an earworm from ages back, and it just wouldn't come... and I hate it when that happens... trying to remember an earworm and failing is almost as bad as having an earworm you can't get rid of....

... but the tune remained elusive until the final song of the Folk Night was played.... the fiddler and guitarist started singing and I knew exactly what I had been trying to remember.... "Wild Mountain Thyme"... the version here is by The Silencers, and it kicks ass.... I've been humming it for two weeks now... I just can't get enough of it...

... sitting outside this afternoon in the shade of the poplar trees, the Wife finally yelled at me to cut it out - the humming.... so now it is my turn to torture you people instead.... heh... enjoy....

... here are the lyrics... just in case you want to sing along.... I sure do...

"Wild Mountain Thyme", words and music by Francis McPeake

Oh, the summer time is coming,
And the trees are blooming,
And the wild mountain thyme
Grows around the blooming heather.

Will you go, lassie, will you go?
And we'll all go together
To pull wild mountain thyme
All around the blooming heather,
Will you go, lassie, go?

I will build my love a tower
By yon clear and crystal fountain,
Aye, and on it I will pile
I'll pile flowers from the mountain.

If my true love, she won't have me,
I will surely find another
To pull wild mountain thyme
All around the blooming heather.

Oh, the summertime is coming
And thre trees are blooming
And the wild mountain thyme
Grows around the blooming heather.

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Bullshit So Far

You coulda sent your guns out yonder to me. I'd taken real good care of 'em - exercised them daily & all that...

Bullshitted by LadyGunn on May 24, 2006 02:53 AM

.. thanks for the offer, LadyGunn... but the shipping would have bankrupted me...

Bullshitted by Eric on May 24, 2006 01:53 PM

Ooooh, that IS nice -- I'm used to my Joan Baez version from years back, but I really like this rendition. Thanks, Eric and welcome home! Let's get some more pictures of Scotland up, shall we?? =]

Bullshitted by Marianne on May 27, 2006 04:11 AM