30mm of fun....

... seeing as I am so predictable, I figured I would break from tradition here and share an email conversation I had yesterday...

... my Brother from Another Mother up in Alaska excitedly sent me this photo with the line. "Oh yeah baby! Now I've got the big gun!"...


... I was confused.. just as you rubberneckers probably are too...

.. our whacked-out conversation flowed along these lines:

My one-line response back: "... huh?... WTF is that thing?...."

Him: "It's my new cannon of course! When I'm done it's going to look like this:"


My response: "... great bloody hell... you are insane..."

Him: "HA! "Great Bloody Hell" Exactly the response I was wanting!"

... the conversation wandered a bit after that discussing family and such... anyway, this thing is actually made from the barrel off a 30mm GAU cannon.... the barrel came from an old, decomissioned A10.... he'll be launching a 3/4 pound projectile and will burn about 1/4 pound of powder with each shot... good God....

.. and here I was all happy with my new .357 and he goes and buys a 30mm cannon to tow behind his armored car....

... and you guys wonder why I have that Marty Feldman photo up?... that's what you people do to me... I make that exact same face a lot... a lot...

.. on the other hand... I'm really glad he's my friend... I mean, c'mon... how many friends do you have who own their own artillery?...

by Eric on January 28, 2006 | Bullshit (6) | TrackBack (1) | Military Stuff
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Oh yeah! Now that's what I call breaking out the big guns. Keep us posted with more pics.

Bullshitted by Bullseye on January 28, 2006 03:00 PM

Well... a couple years ago, I never would've thought I'd say this, but - at least two:

John of Argghhh!


Bullshitted by Harvey on January 28, 2006 04:47 PM

I like to shoot the shit. Does that count?

Bullshitted by Sadie on January 28, 2006 06:53 PM

.. only if it bleeds, Sadie...

Bullshitted by Eric on January 28, 2006 06:55 PM

If I get to county myself, that would be four. If I don't, then only three. Damn those re-enactors. Although firing a full scale 10 pounder nepoleanic cannon is rather cool.

Bullshitted by Contagion on January 30, 2006 06:30 PM

I need one of those for my next code review.

Bullshitted by Cappy on February 1, 2006 09:32 PM