... after playing around outside yesterday, I enjoyed a brief siesta on the couch before The Gang arrived... I woke from my nap with Robert Service in my head... it happens sometimes for no reason at all... well, at least for no reason that I can think of... it's always different poems, too... yesterday it was the steady plod of "The Law of the Yukon" that I found myself mumbling as I awoke...

Swift as the panther in triumph, fierce as the bear in defeat,
Sired of a bulldog parent, steeled in the furnace heat.
Send me the best of your breeding, lend me your chosen ones;
Them will I take to my bosom, them will I call my sons;
Them will I gild with my treasure, them will I glut with my meat;
But the others -- the misfits, the failures -- I trample under my feet.
Dissolute, damned and despairful, crippled and palsied and slain,
Ye would send me the spawn of your gutters -- Go! take back your spawn again.

... and then it went on further in my head... bits and pieces...

Drowned them like rats in my rivers, starved them like curs on my plains,
Rotted the flesh that was left them, poisoned the blood in their veins;
Burst with my winter upon them, searing forever their sight,
Lashed them with fungus-white faces, whimpering wild in the night;

... it kept coming...

In the camp at the bend of the river, with its dozen saloons aglare,
Its gambling dens ariot, its gramophones all ablare;
Crimped with the crimes of a city, sin-ridden and bridled with lies,
In the hush of my mountained vastness, in the flush of my midnight skies.

.... here's the whole poem if you care to indulge... I posted it a while back.... it's a powerful piece of writing, to be sure, but I still can't understand why I woke up with fragments of it oozing from my noggin... the rhythm of the words almost like footsteps hitting pavement... addictive... still, it could have been worse... I suppose it could have been Seuss...

... see, rubberneckers?... there is always a bright side...

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Thank you for the posting. I have been a daily reader but I comment rather infrequently,but todays posting compelled me to thank you for turning me on to someone new who speaks to the majesty of the sorts of things that have affected my life. Again...... thank you.

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Psst...Joe sent me!


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