A Real Cool Hand....

... in preparation for my upcoming weekend, I am re-watching Cool Hand Luke and purging myself with bee pollen and gin...

... all said, I should be daisy-fresh by morning.... God knows that by Sunday I'll be slummed like a 7th Avenue gutter after the Sailors have been through...

... but some things you just have to do.. right?... besides, I'll be meeting my mates, my friends, and quite a few I admire greatly....

.. and so, sing with me, gentle readers... for tomorrow, I shall be walking just that wee bit closer to them.... Blog Gods.... meeting at the Oracle...

I am weak but thou art strong
Jesus keep me from all wrong
I'll be satisfied as long
As I walk, let me walk close to thee

Just a closer walk with thee
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea
Daily walking close to thee
Let it be, dear lord, let it be

When my feeble life is o'er
Time for me shall be no more
Guide me gently, safely o'er
To thy kingdom's shore, to thy shore

When life's sun sinks in the west
Lord, may I have done my best
May I find sweet peace and rest
In that happy home of the blessed

... fitting, no?... A Closer Walk With Thee Them...

by Eric on September 30, 2005 | Bullshit (4) | TrackBack (0) | Drinking
Bullshit So Far

Was going to sound a warning as to overuse of Artillery Punch, but sounds as though you have one in the breech already...*grin*

Having been bombarded by a version of such, be warned of the little cluster-fucklets that explode behind your eyes next morn...ahh, such things as convince us we live, and are rational creatures!

Bullshitted by wayne on September 30, 2005 10:07 PM

You gonna need a helluva lot more than a paultry pass at a Gospel song. Better sack up and get your hinky tight on.

Bullshitted by bitterman on October 1, 2005 12:07 AM

I envy you my friend... I truly do. Slap down a few for me, bro.

Bullshitted by That 1 Guy on October 1, 2005 12:24 AM

you better start boiling eggs....

Bullshitted by ArmyWifeToddlerMom on October 1, 2005 09:35 AM