Uncle Eric...

.. I love the aquariums in Chattanooga... I'm usually partial to my fish lightly battered and served with a slice of lemon, but I love those aquariums.. they are the epitome of a lazy man's afternoon... air-conditioned havens from the broiling outside heat with gently sloping downward walks... even the lights are turned down so as to keep you in mind of dusk or early morning... marvelous stuff... and after today, I think that Boudicca's three boys are singing from my songsheet.... they took to the aquarium in a flash and have already promised to come back for another visit... their favorite exhibits were the turtles and the sturgeons, though... that was kind of disappointing... sure, I can go halfers on them with the turtles, but sturgeons are just foul.... but hey, her boys are just nippers... the nuances of the jellyfish and the sea dragons are lost on such wee men... maybe as they grow they'll realize that sturgeons are creepy and jellyfish are where it's at...

... anyway, one thing struck me about the whole affair.... how like Bou they are, and how totally unalike to each other they are.... for instance, her boys were allowed to choose gifts at the end of the day... each resulting gift perfectly represented the outlooks of those little guys... in just a short time of being with them, their differences were obvious... but one of their similarities was remarkable.. they are all charmers.... early on during our festivities, Boudicca explained them to me thusly:

.... "I like to think of my kids like this... as if they were in the airplane business... Son #2 would design it... Son #1 would build it... and Son #3 would FLY it.. "

.. a more perfect analogy does not exist for her babies... check it.. I made my escape from the gift shop and found a shaded wall to smoke against... this left Bou and her three gentlemen inside shopping... upon exiting, I asked them about their choices of souvenirs....

... Son #2... a drawing kit with gigantic plastic eyeballs embedded into every page... artistic to the last....
... Son #1... a puzzle... 1500 pieces, no less... a young man trying to figure everything out..
... Son #3... kickass ubercool sunglasses with sharks on the side.... definitely a fighter pilot in training...

... I'd tour them and their Momma around Chattanooga anytime...

... the only strange (and yet, very pleasant at the same time) was that as I helped herd the kids around the exhibits.. talked to them in the foyer of the hotel as Bou checked in... and passed them the nachos in the restaurant... everyone kept looking at the boys.. and then Bou and I... smiling and nodding... and saying stuff like "what nice boys you have!"... wow... I've never felt more like a Daddy in my life... it was a trip.. it almost made me want to have some kids of my own.. almost..

... but still, I'm a much better "Uncle" figure than I am a "Daddy"...

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The uncles are way cooler anyway... none of that parental responsibility stuff...

Bullshitted by Princess Cat on July 13, 2005 12:21 PM

Almost, huh? You will make a fine father.

So very glad you, Bou, and the young gentleman had a great day. I envy you all.

; )

Bullshitted by Christina on July 13, 2005 12:22 PM

Glad ya'll had a great time, but was hoping "Uncle Eric" would get a bit more grief. :) Like Christina, I envy you the day.

Bullshitted by Laughing Wolf on July 13, 2005 01:11 PM

Sounds like fun! Glad to hear it was enough to make your fatherly hormones jump for a moment. Her kids are the greatest.

Bullshitted by vw bug on July 13, 2005 02:12 PM

We had THE BEST time, Eric. I keep looking back and laughing at some of the things that happened or were said.

Wow, I had not thought about the gifts the way you did, but damn if you aren't right!

I've yet to figure out the deal with Bones and those Sturgeons and their cheeks. Go figure.

The pleasure was truly all ours, Eric. You're everything I thought you would be from reading your blog and then some.

Bullshitted by Boudicca on July 13, 2005 03:26 PM

Glad you had a nice visit, Ambassador! I'm envious.

I've gotten to speak to Bou, but yet to meet her. Can't wait. Hope I get to meet the little men, too, though she'll probably keep them away. She's said that some of my posts are like reading grown up versions of their conversations. :)

Bullshitted by That 1 Guy on July 13, 2005 06:30 PM

Stick with being an uncle, Eric. Trust me. It's one hell of a lot cheaper. ($18,500 in child support for ME last year! And I saw my son exactly three times.)

Bullshitted by Acidman on July 13, 2005 08:43 PM

I've never talked to, nor met Bou, which is something I'm hoping to remedy w/in the next year. I'd love to meet her kids. It'd be interesting to see how they would mix with mine.

Bullshitted by Contagion on July 14, 2005 08:52 AM