The Ocean...

... I remember once swimming in a riptide... I was twelve years old and it scared the Hell out of me... I had been invited to join a friend of mine on vacation.. his family was set to enjoy their time at a condo in Panama City, and he had asked me to come along.. it was the first time I had ever seen the Ocean... two years later, my own family would take my brother and I to visit Charleston, Savannah, and Parris Island... it was my Mother's idea to show me at 14 what I would be getting myself into at 17... heh.. it failed miserably... her dissuasion flopped... but I did get to see the Ocean again... the same silty saltwater as before...

.. a few years later, my life had taken me to many new places... in boats, ships, and airplanes... the Pacific and Bering.. the Atlantic and North Sea... blue waters, cold and deep... but I always thought of the real Ocean as brown and full of foam... Myrtle Beach.. Destin... Pensacola... and a million other places...

.. I've never been a sailor.. and I have to admit, the open waters of the deep Ocean scares the Hell out of me.. but I'll always remember what it was like that first time I saw it... brown and dirty and huge and incredible... from the point of view of a pubescent hillbilly - a child of the mountains - that first visit to the beach made an indelible impression...

... these days, we seem to let incredible things pass us by.. silently they slip from the wonderful to the mundane... I once did it with my mountains... the things that I saw around me every day.. I almost let the same thing happen again with the sea.... but now, sitting here.. a storm is coming through.. it's a sight to behold.. and it is marvelous..

by Eric on June 18, 2005 | Bullshit (10) | SWG Stories
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I love your stories...I get sucked into them...

THAT my dear, is quite a talent you have.

Bullshitted by Dana on June 18, 2005 01:53 PM

I love the ocean... really love it. My favorite coastline so far is up in the Northeast part of the states. The rocky coast is fascinating and beautiful. You're right - it is too easy to start to take things for granted. Every once in a while we need to sit back and take a good look at the beauties of the world.

Bullshitted by Teresa on June 18, 2005 03:30 PM

Oh God thy ocean is soooo big and my ship is sooooo small. Once you have been out to sea there seems to be no cure for it. It is a worse jones than ciggeretts or heroin.

Bullshitted by Arrathorn on June 18, 2005 05:36 PM

That was so lovely honey...I just waved my husband away 'till I could finish the last sentence :) I'm lettin' him talk now.

Bullshitted by Sandy on June 18, 2005 06:10 PM

Ons summer, early summer before it gets too busy... like May, you and your lovely wife should get a hotel on the beach in Pensacola and just enjoy it. World's whitest beaches... and don't forget the Naval Aviation Museum! It is awesome. You can even time it, far enough in advance, to do it during Blue Angel weekend (July) so you can watch the Blues from the Beach. Good childhood memory of mine.

P'cola Beach is still a mess right now though... give it time.

Bullshitted by Bou on June 18, 2005 07:39 PM

the ocean ... my very favorite thing to watch and atmosphere to breathe in. i never get enough of it.

Bullshitted by justrose on June 18, 2005 10:07 PM

Beautiful, Eric.

Bullshitted by Pammy on June 18, 2005 11:46 PM

The ocean scares the ever liv'n crap out of me. I grew up in Michigan. We have pools in Michigan, you can SEE the bottom of the those pools in Michigan.
Now I live in Calif and my son LOVES the water. Guess where all my time is spent? At the beach, guess what fear I've had to conqour?

Bullshitted by Maeve on June 19, 2005 01:51 AM

I grew up at the beach, being a Navy brat, and I miss it so much. However, getting the chance to run up to the mountains and find a cool stream to put your feet in, check out some wildlife,THAT I wouldn't trade for anything either. How nice to know that depending upon my mood, we can be in the mountains or the beach in pretty close to the same amount of time.

Bullshitted by Kelly Drennan on June 19, 2005 05:57 AM

Lost my gear and nerve trying to get to the 3rd a fool fought the riptide and, exhausted and underwater...let it take me.....I was released and survived. Now I think 3 times about trying for the 3rd bar. Shame on me.

Bullshitted by Marcus on June 19, 2005 11:12 PM