Joining again....

... a few weeks ago, I took one of my Cousins on a daytrip around the surrounding counties... we spun the country back roads all by ourselves... I drove the car... him?... he nursed a six pack and ate hand-sliced cheese on saltine crackers.. heh.. who says I don't know how to have a good time.... high culture, people.. dead people, cheesy crackers, and beer... McMinn County entertainment simply knows no bounds... ahh, yes... back to the point.. see, having rooted around under our family tree a bit more than he, I was able to tour him through a lot of cemeteries that he'd never even been to.. most of them, he had no clue even existed.... but here's the kicker, once we'd arrive, I'd begin regaling him with tales of the escapades of the now dead (but once, quite lively), relatives... we was pretty impressed...

... well, now it looks like I have created a monster... last night, just as I was finishing up my chapter, the telephone went... I checked the caller-Id and didn't recognize the number... for some reason, I decided to answer it anyway... on the other end of the line was a very enthusiastic chap... he introduced himself, and explained that my Cousin had signed himself and I up to join a club.... he went further, and said that my cousin had called me... "The Keeper of the Family Genealogy"... indeed.. it appears that I'll be doomed to produce free copies of my thousands of hours of work to lay-about relatives for the rest of my life...

... the club we were joining?... the Sons of the American Revolution... as it turns out, the Cousin decided he wanted to join, but had no idea if we were qualified... so, he'd given this gentleman my number... the answer?.. yes.. yes, we're qualified... many, many times over... our relatives would fight at the drop of a hat.. Revolution, Insurrection, or just because they were bored... whiskey tax, stamp tax, or lets find a country to invade and TAX!... it never really mattered to my forbearers... they were a loving, yet warlike horde..

... ahhh.. I see I am rambling again... blame it on the beer gourmet hotdogs we ate this afternoon while discussing dead relatives.. anyway, what does all this mean, rubberneckers?... Hell if I know... except that I really, really thought my joining-days were over...

by Eric on May 21, 2005 | Bullshit (7) | Psycho Rants
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wow! very cool!!!! are you going to do it? how i love genealogy and insurrecton ...

Bullshitted by justrose on May 22, 2005 07:10 AM

i meant, of course, insurrection. damn typing fingers.

Bullshitted by justrose on May 22, 2005 07:11 AM

My sister Donna is the one in our family who chases the dead people. She claims that we're related to Johnny Cash and Kevin Costner. Personally, I like the story about Great Grandma Curnutt being the town floozy!! You needed some souse meat to go with the cheese and crackers.

Bullshitted by Junebugg on May 22, 2005 08:47 AM

.. yeah, Rose.. my ancestors enjoyed a little insurrection from time to time... probably explains my enjoyment of firearms... a genetic thing, most likely..

... damn, Junebugg.. you're in some high cotton there.. although, admitting that you are related to Costner takes guts.. Cash was the man, though... so it equals out, I guess...

Bullshitted by Eric on May 22, 2005 09:00 AM

"they were a loving, yet warlike horde"

Ah... so THAT'S where you get it from :-)

Bullshitted by Harvey on May 22, 2005 11:19 AM

OOOH! Welcome welcome into the folds. I am a Daughter in the Daughters of the American Revolution, and very active at that. We do a ton of work for veterans and indigent children. Just be careful, once you join one, they all come a knockin'. I'm a 'Southern Dame' too, but have yet to return calls to the Daughters of the Confederacy, The Mayflower Society, Daughters of American Colonists... and on and on.

Bullshitted by Boudicca on May 22, 2005 09:44 PM

Did ya join the Red Hat Society yet?

Bullshitted by zonker on May 23, 2005 10:11 AM