... a Cousin and I are heading out on a fieldtrip today... we're off to visit the grave of Jackson Petty in Philadelphia, TN... he's never been there before, and not many of our family knows where ole Jackson is resting... so, I am off to fix that this morning... it is time that someone else knows some of the secrets I've been collecting..

.. many years ago, I began tracing my family tree... I was living overseas at the time, and all of my research was done from long-distance phone calls, emails, and snail mail.. it was a costly endeavor... after about five years of collecting names, dates, and old stories, I laid my data aside.... I was burnt out... 5,000 names of dead relatives from across the globe... Switzerland, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland... Cherokee, Choctaw, and Catawba.... it was all getting too tangled... so, I quit...

... in the past few weeks, I've suddenly begun getting questions fired at me... mostly from the younger Cousins... thus, the data has been resurrected.. and a renewed interest in the family roots is surfacing... I have to admit, I am stoked...

... I suppose, with every generation, it is only a matter of time before we start looking ourselves in the mirror and asking ourselves where it is we came from... sooner or later, we all want to find our place in the larger picture of history... maybe we are the product of dirt farming bit-players... or maybe headlining big-shots... either way, it really doesn't matter... we just want to know...

by Eric on April 29, 2005 | Bullshit (3) | SWG Stories
Bullshit So Far

I'll never know my family history because most of the records burned up in a fire somewhere around 1920. I no longer care about it, either.

I am a mutt. I know some good stories about my family, but I'll never have a Coat of Arms or a Tartan kilt to claim as mine. I cannot trace my hertiage and I no longer feel the need to.

Would it make any difference at all in my life if I discovered tomorrow that I am descended from Scottish kings? No... it wouldn't.

So, I no longer care about that crap.

Bullshitted by Acidman on April 29, 2005 01:08 PM

Hey Eric, if you need help tracking down any local Cata-waba info just let me know. Right now I'm having a beer about three miles from the resevation. I'm out that way at least once a week.

I used to ride the school bus with Chief Blue's twin grandsons. We used to beat the shit out of each other before going fishing. Also, ala Acidman there were toads exploded.

If you need anything just give me a holler. I work for myself and love rooting around graveyards and such.


P.S. Yes I know I spelled Catawba the way I did.

Bullshitted by Ironnerd on April 29, 2005 11:50 PM

when ye git the story purty strate, ye could rite a book on it. i wuz lucky a nuff to copy my grate aunt lauras fambly notebook befor she died n that has been a big hep. miz bd is a eggspurt at resurch n she has discuverd a lotta stuff. twood be easy to spin sum yarns -- gut ancesters on both sides on the muster rolls at valley forge, fer instunts, witch twuz a sprize to larn that! ifn i only had the time, i wood rite it up.

Bullshitted by buddy don on April 30, 2005 06:50 AM