Still Alive... barely..

... survived another meeting of the Eagle Glen Social Club... two special attendees capped off the festivities... (and I am told that they documented some of the debauchery - Lord, Help Us..).. more details to follow later...

... Rube and Anna want to put some rounds down range, and I aim to please... so, we're off to do some shooting this afternoon... right now, though, I've got to go and cook breakfast for the campers...

by Eric on April 28, 2005 | Bullshit (4) | Drinking
Bullshit So Far

Tell 'em I said hello....

Bullshitted by Sam on April 28, 2005 12:21 PM

yum! home-cooked breakfast. hope it was fun!

Bullshitted by justrose on April 28, 2005 01:54 PM

Please gruess them for me.

Bullshitted by Jim -PRS on April 28, 2005 03:36 PM me a favour? Walk up to Rube and say, "You Bitch!"

He likes that;-)

Bullshitted by sadie on April 28, 2005 05:29 PM