... enjoy this Independence Day, everyone... I'm off to eat ribs with the relatives on a hilltop near Riceville... Independence... what a word... enjoy your party and fireworks, people... but, remember what this day represents... remember those men and women who established this nation.. they were a special breed of heroes.... with that said, here is a slightly unusual perspective for you...

Chris Stevens from Northern Exposure
Episode 5.14, "Bolt from the Blue"

British Colonel Washington and his men surrounded a smaller party of Frenchmen caught napping by their fires. "I heard the bullets whistle," Washington later wrote, "and believe me there is something charming in the sound."

You're with 1754, folks, and what young Colonel George Washington had just done was open fire on a peaceful diplomatic mission, killing ten Frenchmen and an ambassador, leading France and England to the brink of global war. The French later caught up with Washington's men at Fort Necessity, beat the pants off of them, causing Washington to surrender. That's wild, huh?

I mean, we think of George Washington, and we see this old geezer staring at us from the front of a dollar bill. Calm, wise, father of your country. But young George, he was out there, man. Original loose cannon, twenty-two years old and brought the wrath of two countries down on him.

Whoa, George.

...thanks, Mr. Washington... for being such a pistol..

by Eric on July 04, 2004 | Bullshit (3) | SWG Stories
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Happy 4th. Don't drink TO much.

Bullshitted by Gunner on July 4, 2004 02:09 PM

too late, Gunner.... toooooooooo late...

Bullshitted by Eric on July 4, 2004 06:39 PM

Heh. "Don't drink to much"

But DO drink to SOMETHING :-)

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