Two Strange Things...

... today, my Aunt asked me if I could still fit into my old Dress Blues... when I asked her why, she said that her Church was needing a Marine to assist in their Memorial Day Service... to help carry the USMC Flag... I was pretty shocked when she asked me this... and, I must admit.. I was honored that she had contemplated giving me that honor... but, hell, it's been 10 years since I got out... and, the answer is no, for all of you who were wondering... no, I cannot still fit into them... so, she asked if I would still carry the Corps Colors... just in civilian clothes... I immediately agreed... so, for the first time in a coon's age, children, I shall be attending Church on Sunday.... Heaven help us all.. if you read on CNN that a rural Monroe County Church has just collapsed, you'll know it was due to me walking through the doors... anyway... this was strange thing #1 that happened today...

... what was #2?... well, Big Daddy C invited me over to his house on Saturday night... his Wife's Brother is deploying with our local Armored Cavalry Regiment of the Tennessee National Guard in a week.. to Iraq... so, Big Daddy is throwing a kegger at his house on Saturday to help "send them off".. so, once again.... I was honored by the invitation... I can think of no better way to spend a balmy Saturday afternoon... than sitting around drinking beer, eating BBQ, and showing my respect to our Men in uniform.... but, sitting here right now... something is amiss... dreadfully wrong, friends...

... damn... I don't know how to say this.... but, part of me wants to pat them on the back on Saturday... be proud of them... and, the other part wants to go with them... and, as a result, I'm sitting here now... the idea of my Aunt asking me to don the uniform once again... let the Church members watch me carry the colors up the isle... well, it doesn't seem fitting now.. Saturday, I will be drinking with people who I admire, and respect.... Sunday, I will be standing there while old men and women pat me on my back, and thank me for my service...

by Eric on May 28, 2004 | Bullshit (2) | SWG Stories
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All part of the bizarre duality of being a vet. To honor and be honored. To say "thank you" and "you're welcome".

It's kind of a funny feeling, but I know what you mean.

Bullshitted by Harvey on May 29, 2004 12:26 PM

A story told me by another old reprobate-

Who went to church after an absence of decades....

He walked in the door and saw a bent over gentleman on the back pew.

"Tell me where the sinners sit," said our friend. "I think I need to sit with them."

The older gentleman swept his arm in an expansive gesture:

"Then sit anywhere you'd like." he said.

Sit anywhere you'd like. The roof won't collapse. And welcome home.


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