7 Deadly Sins...

... yes... deadly sins... here at the Straight White House, we are fairly well versed in new ways to enjoy them... which ones?... well, most notably, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth... our three staples... three to bind us, so to speak... but, as I was just outside on the deck... drinking a cold one and watching the hummingbirds, I suddenly realized something... a new sin has crept in on little cat feet like Carl Sandburg's Fog... what is it, my gentle ones?.... Envy... envy, pure.. and, simple... and, green..

... what brought this change in my daily debauchery?.... this new cross for me to bear?... well, to put it bluntly... the Hillbilly is having way too much damn fun... you see, Heaven, people, is aged 18 years and bottled in Scotland... I've almost become afraid to visit his site anymore... it seems that every time I go, he has another Scotch story... so, I am left with it... and, I must admit.... Envy... she's a new one to me... but, one that appears to put Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth to shame... enjoy yourself, Buddy Don... you've got me jealous in a big way....

by Eric on May 22, 2004 | Bullshit (2) | Drinking
Bullshit So Far

now ye jes gut to member how i gut my start in the drankin of sangle malt scotch. i barly knew whut twuz till i red bout it on yer blog n ast ye how did a bidy git started. as ye lackly recolleck, ye splaind whut wuz at stake n i tuck it real serious.

i recently tole a feller name of nigel, witch he cums frum edinburgh, i tole him bout how i hadnt had my furst drank of sangle malt scotch till i wuz dun over 50 years old n he anserd me back on the nex beat, "now that's a perfectly good waste of fifty years, innit?" so i figger i owe to yew n all them sangle malt scotch drankers everwhar to do my bes to ketch up.

n git this: i dint know bout how them sangle malts kin start losing thar goodness after they been opend fer 3 to 6 munths, so i wood git me one n me n miz bd wood wurk on it fer a weekend n then save the res sos we could git a new one the nex week. now we gut bout 15 of em opend n we gut to git busy gittin em drunk up. tiz a dauntin task to say the lease, but we hope to wurk steddy at it till we git dun. frum now on, ifn we colleck em, we'll keep em seald till we're reddy to give em steddy attenchun.

innywho, i caint hardly thankee a nuff fer heppin me git started. mayhap the dayll cum when we kin pick a lil gittar n shar sum sangle malt! ye never know, sir!

btw way, ima gone buy that buffalo grass cd. thankee fer the tip.

Bullshitted by buddy don on May 22, 2004 02:22 PM

I am fully taking part in the gluttony right now. A fridge full of beer (which is quickly making it's way into my bloodstream)and a stove full of hot wings. What could be more appropriate? Could only be better if it were football season. LOL

Bullshitted by Asherah on May 22, 2004 03:58 PM